Client submits a ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC), Client Information Sheet (CIS), passport, and a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Clients will have varied options as to designation and placement of their funds and/or assets into different investment programs.

'Structured Note/s' are issued by several of the largest and most respected international banking institutions. This process allows for the transfer of the client's funds to a special account within the banking institution against a Structured Note, which is issued and delivered by the banking institution directly to the client. This particular opportunity allows the client to simply purchase Structured Notes with listed ISIN numbers (utilized for open market investment purposes). The initial funds transferred against the Structured Notes will be managed by SFBBL in Capital Market or Secondary Market trading scenarios. All related scenarios will be stipulated in a separate contract with SFBBL, the documented asset manager. The client may, at any time of their choosing, elect to either sell their Structured Note/s or cash them in at the current trading value being the bank is the contractual guarantor for the payment of the note/s. These note/s can and will be liquidated upon request by the client, resulting in a termination of all trading activity. A weekly activity report will be generated and provided by the issuing bank directly to the clients so that the client may review investment performance.

LNBG Trough SFBBL as arrangements with several Triple A rated banks, allowing for the intake of various assets in compliance with the terms and conditions of a Specified Financial Management Agreement. Stock certificates (exclusive of 144 type certificates), properties (e.g. hotels, apartments, shopping centers), gold, silver, and other precious metals, and precious stones (preferably GIA certified diamonds) with current verifiable appraisals are also classified for acceptance.

Additionally broad variety of banking instruments and/or assets can be submitted for review and evaluation. Upon acceptance and approval, credit lines will be established in conjunction with corresponding banking institutions, each respective scenario customized specifically to the client's preference. Each client will be assigned a company representative to assist them throughout the process.

The possibility exists to structure specified asset based project-funded programs, wherein the funding is generated from platform trading or by issuing Structured Notes to raise funds for a client's project. For example, if a client has a property for sale, a note could be structured and listed on one or more markets to raise funds and make payment for the property to the beneficial owner. In this instance, the client would be solely responsible for all fees associated with underwriting and processing of this 'Note Offering'.


LNBG Investment LLC works directly in conjunction with SFBBL International Finance and the SEED Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian organization founded to help the people of the world.

- The SEED Foundation is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit entity capable of providing donors with tax deductions, of whose direct involvement is responsible for overall reduction of transport and construction costs. A future sovereign tax credit offering will be generated with the development of ‘eco-villages’, to which ‘carbon credits’ will be created by virtue of village operations.

- Targeted properties and land parcels have been identified, inclusive of soil and eco samples that have been collected to ensure the underlying base environment is acceptable pursuant established project guidelines.

- The European Union is fully supportive of LNBG’s request for donations in the form of equipment, materials, shipping and financial assistance. Global interest has further motivated LNBG to consult with urban planning firms as to expedite project development.

- The SEED Foundation can provide a complete explanation precisely detailing all necessary materials needed to construct an LNBG Investment model village, inclusive of a list of donors and special tax exemption forms to be used by U.S. and European contributors.

LNBG also works in conjunction with Global Pioneer General Trading.

Headquartered in Dubai/ United Arab of Emirates with offices in Iran, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Afghanistan, Golden Pioneer General Trading LLC brings together the strength of international market-leading companies.

Whether you are looking to establish a new business and/or to expand your existing business our experienced, innovative and component team with a remarkable portfolio will provide what you need to achieve your goals in a time and cost effective manner.

We increase your business connections, company growth and cash flow and minimize your costs and risks by tailoring practical consultancy and providing a seamless interface to a wide range of companies from Construction, Real Estate, Energy, Food and Hospitality to Financial Services, Applied Research, ICT, Education and Healthcare.

GPGT LLC is a consultant company in the MENA region designed to provide the very best service, value, and advice for clients and companies over all industries looking to expand into the GCC/MENA region.